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Wheel Repair Brooklyn

Wheel Repair Brooklyn NY

We specialize in rim repair Brooklyn.  We have years of experience in the repair of alloy wheels.  We have repaired every brand and make of wheels so repairing yours is our expertise.  The advantage to you is we have more than likely fixed your rim many many times.  So when it comes to making it look completely original and matching your finish.  All the little things that make the difference.  We have got you covered.  So give us a shot let us make you a customer for life.  We pride ourselves in our customer service

Wheel Repair Brooklyn Guarantee

Our guarantee is that you will be completely satisfied or you will get your money back or pay nothing.  Whether you scraped your wheel on the curb, hit that dreaded pothole and bent your rim or need your wheel refinishing we guarantee you will be completely satisfied with your repairs.

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